Photo Gallery

A Collection of Photos from my Music Events

At North Mountain Vineyard

At Twisted Oak Farm Brewery

At Box Office Brewery

At Galax 1992 (Me on stage-white pants)

At Wayside Inn

On The Drums-Korea 1966

With My New 12-String-Germany 1967

At The Ryman-Nashville

With Con Burch Band-Wayside Inn

With Rick Burnette-Depot Lounge

At Woodstock Cafe

With Danni Leigh and Rick

With Rhonda Sager & Doug Arthur

With Lani & Jeremy

With Rick in The Valley Room

With Don Crigler @ North Mt

Five Of A Kind

Swinging Bridge

The Cliff Baer Band

Outer Banks

New River Express

At The Earl Scruggs Center

Stage Shingle from original Birchmere

MC Delaware Valley Fest

A Little Picking

WAMU Overnight Crew

LBG Class 2004

With Danny Paisley

With Jerry Butler

With Jim Hurst

With Katy Daley

With Kitsy Kuykendahl

With Louisa Branscomb

With Marty Stuart

With Rhonda Vincent

With Rodney Dillard

With Russell Johnson

With Suzy Bogguss