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I am co-host of the Open Mic sessions at the Box Office Brewery in Strasburg, VA. Open Mic runs from 6:00-9:00PM on Sundays. The co-hosts are: Myself, Don Crigler, Paul Tangren, and Chris Turner.

Sign-Up begins at 6:00PM on a first-come basis. Performers get 3 songs or a maximum of 15 minutes on stage, including setup/warm-up time. Please tune before coming on stage. No sign-ups after 8PM.

No more than two stage appearances during the evening (for both performers and side musicians). No Profanity Please! Keep it PG or PG-13! Material should be appropriate for ALL audiences.

Be a good audience member. Please keep talking, etc. to a minimum during the performance.

Hosts reserve the right rearrange the performance sequence or to close down early for lack of performers or audience. Hosts use the house PA and have up to four vocal/instrument mics and/or DI connection. Keyboard players are welcome to just plug into the PA system. You can also bring your iPod. We have the cables to connect it to the PA.