Open Mic at Box Office Brewery


Acoustic Open Mic is being hosted at the Box Office Brewery in Strasburg, VA.

Sunday Evenings from 6:00-9:00PM.
Sign-Up begins at 6:00PM on a first-come basis.
Performers get 3 songs or a maximum of 15 minutes on stage, including setup/warm-up time. Please tune before coming on stage. No sign-ups after 8PM.

No more than two stage appearances during the evening (for both performers and side musicians).
No Profanity Please! Keep it PG or PG-13!
Material should be appropriate for ALL audiences.

Be a good audience member. Please keep talking, etc. to a minimum during the performance.

Hosts reserve the right rearrange the performance sequence or to close down early for lack of performers or audience.

The Open Mic is hosted on a rotating basis by: Bill Foster, Jeremy Rodgers,
Paul Tangren, and Chris Turner. Alternate hosts are Kevin Whalen and Don Crigler.
Hosts use the house PA and have up to four vocal/instrument mics and/or DI connection. Keyboard players are welcome to just plug into the PA system. You can also bring your iPod. We have the cables to connect it to the PA.