CD and Albums

  "Bill Foster - The Bluegrass Years: 1978-2010"
This project is a look at my years playing bluegrass music.
The cuts were culled from various cassettes of live performances, CDs and one LP.
With New River Express, Outer Banks, Winterwood, Swinging Bridge, and Five Of A Kind.
Limited Copies Available by Request Only

  "Five Of A Kind - Royal Flush (2007)"
This is the most recent project from Five Of A Kind, released in 2007.
The band included Gene Stokes, Jimmy Drummond, Myself, Terry Barbin, and Norman Racey.
The band has made some personnel changes since then and are still active around Northern Shenandoah Valley. One highlight of my time with the band was opening for the Seldom Scene in 2010 at the Strasburg Theater.
Available from the Band.

  "Swinging Bridge - Rough Edges (2003)"
My time with Swinging Bridge was a lot of fun. The band include myself, Alan Colpitts, Chris Bryson, and Bobby Martin. This CD came out in 2003. We played many venues in Florida and were priveldged to open for or play on the same venue with such as The Country Gentlemen, Valerie Smith & Libery Pike, Nothin' Fancy, Mountain Heart, and others.
Limited Copies Available.

  "New River Express - The Land Is Ours (1978)"
This is an LP released around 1978 by New River Express. In the band was Jerry Magri, Faith Cottington, myself, Barney Gault, and Wayne Skidmore. The project was part of a deal to support songwriter Rob Hoy. He offered us half the LP so we could back up his songs in the studio.
This LP is long out of print.